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Balding (8pc)

The 5 Star Balding Clipper is a barbershop must-have. With a powerful electromagnetic motor that cuts twice the speed of pivot motors.

Legend (12pc)

The Legend features the unique Wedge blade with extended taper throw providing wider range of fading. The Wedge Blade on the Legend offers improved accuracy when cutting.

Icon (8pc)

Don’t Be Average, Be an Icon This ultra-powerful full size clipper is excellent for heavy-duty cutting, tapering, blending, and fading.

Super Taper (8pc)

The powerful V5000 motor has been engineered to produce greater strength to the cutting ability of the clipper while remaining cooler, meaning that it can cope with the demands of a busy barber shop.

Pro Basic (8pc)

Powerful yet comfortable, the Pro Basic clipper features a chrome-plated precision blade set and a convenient thumb lever that adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades.

Men's Method Graduate (21pc)


The Men’s Method Graduate is a powerful clipper, with a chrome plated blade and guide lever for precision barbering. This kit contains everything a professional barber needs.